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This section contains useful information on Aarhus School of Marine and Technical Engineering:

  • Contact, with details on how to get in touch with AAMS.
  • Organization, with information about our organization and organizational structure.
  • Awards and certificates, with information on Erasmus+, ACE Denmark, Common Assessment Framework, European Maritime Safety Agency and our quality management system.
  • International Partner Institutions, with a list of our partner institutions abroad.
  • Values, with details on our key values.
  • Diploma Supplement, with information on how to obtain a diploma supplement in English.
  • Educational Profile, with details on our educational profile and teaching.
  • Code of Conduct, with details on the rules and codes that guide us in our daily life at AAMS.
  • Disability Policy, with information on how to study at AAMS with a physical disability.

Contact Our International Office

Sharon Wilkins


+45 7228 6071

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