What is a Marine and Technical Engineer



The role of a Marine and Technical Engineer is varied, but overall he/she will assume responsibility for the operation and maintenance of technical facilities and installations. His/her task is to ensure that these facilities and installations operate at an optimal level in respect of safety, operating economies and the environment. The Marine and Technical Engineer will perform these functions at a senior level at shore-based establishments and aboard ships. The Marine and Technical Engineer is often in charge of establishing and coordinating a cooperation between diverse and often highly specialized professional groups. The Marine and Technical Engineer is thus a technical manager who is able to initiate and implement change in technical and technological organizations.

About the Marine and Technical Engineering Programme
The Marine and Technical Engineering Programme is a Professional Bachelor Programme with a duration of between 3 – 4½ years, depending on the student’s background. For students with an upper secondary educational background, training lasts 4½ years and commences with a workshop course, where the student acquires a range of practical skills. For students with a practical vocational background, training commences with an introduction course, which includes an upper secondary supplementary education. Students, who have both an upper secondary and a vocational background, commence training without undergoing the workshop or introduction course.

The training to become a Marine and Technical Engineer incorporates a range of compulsory subjects such as:

  • Thermal plant and machinery
  • Electrical and electronic machinery, plant and equipment
  • Process analysis and automation
  • Management – economics, leadership and safety.

In addition, the training includes elective subjects, where students specialize in one of the following areas:

  • Energy – Technology and Management
  • Process Analysis and Automation
  • STCW Courses
  • Management

The student may choose to do his/her elective subjects at one of our international partner institutions.

The final six months of training, the Bachelor semester, is comprised of two study units, each of which constitutes half of the semester:

  • Undergraduate placement
  • Bachelor Project

Both study units are generally carried out in collaboration with a public or private company.
Upon graduation, the student receives the official title of Bachelor of Technology Management and Marine Engineering.

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