Our International Office

vejledning og hjælp


Whether you are looking for answers, are in need of help or simply want to talk you are always welcome to contact our international coordinator at AAMS before your arrival and during your stay in Aarhus. You will find the contact information of the International Office at AAMS located to the right of this page.

At AAMS we set great value upon the relationship between the school and our students. We are also focused on giving you the best possible time at AAMS. As a student at AAMS you can seek counselling from our two student counsellors who are always ready to help you with all matters related to your studies and to your personal life. It could be issues such as:

  • Examination anxiety
  • Physical and mental illness
  • Organizing one’s study life
  • Social problems

Your conversations with our counsellors are, naturally, strictly confidential. You can pop by their office during the opening hours or call them to set up a meeting.


Contact Our International Office

Sharon Wilkins


+45 7228 6071