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From Billund Airport to Aarhus
Billund Airport is the biggest airport in Jutland. From here, the regional bus company Midttrafik offer bus routes connecting the airport and Aarhus. Line 912X and Line 913X are both busses, which will take you directly to the city of Aarhus.

For more information about Midttrafik and how to get to Aarhus by bus, click here:

From Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus
Copenhagen Airport is the biggest airport in Denmark. From here, the easiest way of getting to Aarhus is by train or bus. Both train and bus will take you from Copenhagen to Aarhus in three to four hours.

There is also the option of going by plane from Copenhagen Airport to Aarhus Airport, near the city of Aarhus. Aarhus Airport is a small airport with daily flights from Copenhagen to Aarhus. From here, a shuttle bus will take you to the centre of Aarhus.

From Hamburg Airport to Aarhus
There is also the option of choosing Hamburg Airport in Germany. From Hamburg you can take a bus or a train to Aarhus.

Trains from Copenhagen to Aarhus
The trains depart from Copenhagen Airport every hour. The trains are quite expensive but the fastest way to get to Aarhus.

Busses from Copenhagen to Aarhus
There are two bus companies, that offer routes between Copenhagen and Aarhus; Rødbillet and Abilskou.

Rødbillet: The bus departs from a street right next to the central station in Copenhagen. It is the cheapest way to get from Copenhagen to Aarhus. Read more and book a seat here: www.rø

Abildskou: The busses depart from the station Valby in Copenhagen (it has a couple of departures each day from the airport). Read more and book a seat on their website:

Both Rødbillet and Abildskou offer large discounts for students. So remember to bring your student card (with a picture and an expiry date). It is very important that you book a seat on the bus online prior to your trip.


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